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Whether you're into traditional monograms or want to rock your own personal style with an icon that matches your vibe, our complementary personalization options help you express your individuality. All of our pieces are personalized by hand to ensure they are as unique as you are.

Modern Sans Serif Font - 6mm tall

Times New Roman Font - 6mm tall

Emojis - 6mm tall

If you would like to add a small emoji to the text line, please indicate where you would like the emoji to appear in the Personalization Notes section. For example, use "please place star after initials." If placement is not indicated, our designers will place the emoji at the end of the text line.

Exclusive Icons - 12.5mm tall

Include a larger icon as a standalone statement, or combine it with your name or initials for something uniquely yours. Larger icons will be positioned in a separate line from your text due to the size of the icon.